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Transcript Request & Registrar

Registrar & Transcript Request

The Registrar's office is located inside the MHS Main Office. The registrar is here to serve your needs related to the following:

  • school records: (including transcripts)
  • new-student enrollment
  • withdrawal for those moving on to a new school.

Please see below for information about many common requests.


Contact Us

Stacey Hughes


Phone: 209-325-1041

  • Merced Union High School District uses Parchment for transcript requests.

    • Available for students currently enrolled and Alumni
    • Send transcripts electronically or by mail
    • Send transcripts to colleges, employers or individuals
    • Track and store transcript orders

    During the registration process, you will be asked for:

    • Enrollment status
    • Birth date
    • Student ID number
    • Email address

    Sign up and Request a Transcript

  • Enrolling Students

    • Adult Parent/Legal Guardian must be present when enrolling student.
    • A Caregiver Form is required if student lives with someone other than parent. (Form available at DISC office located at 3105 "G" Street on the corner of Olive and "G" Street.)
    • Proof of residency is required. (Current utility bill, water/garbage bill, or rental agreement signed by landlord or rental manager.)
    • Any other documents must be approved by a Child Welfare Administrator at the DISC Office.
    • Transcript/Drop Slip (withdrawal grades from previous school) is required.
    • Immunization Records are required.
    • You may request that Transcript and Immunization Records be faxed to us from your previous school. FAX (209)385-6586 Attn: Stacey Hughes, Registrar.

    Online Enrollment Forms

    Other Forms

    Withdrawing Students

    If a student is transferring out of Merced High School the Parent/Guardian or Caregiver on file must come in person to sign the student out. If the student has moved from the area before signing out, the new school will need to send a fax to MHS on school letterhead with a list of all documents needed from MHS. This fax will serve as confirmation that the student is attempting to enroll at a new school and MHS will then drop the student. Any materials or property of MHS that has not been returned, will be reported as an obligation to the new school.

  • Names on Diploma

    Names on Diplomas are pulled from Aeries. Students should log into their Aeries portal to confirm that their names are listed correctly. If names are incorrect or misspelled, bring a birth certificate, California ID, or Social Security card to the registrar's office so that the error can be corrected. Incorrect information on your Diploma can affect eligibility for CalGrants, The Dream Act, Financial Aid, College Admissions, etc.

    Initial diploma orders are final. A fee of ~$40 will be charged to reorder a corrected diploma.