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At Bear News (brought to you by the MHS Journalism Club), it is our mission to entertain our readers, viewers, and listeners with various newsworthy topics. In order to do this, Journalism Club members creatively pursue news stories and topics that focus on the MHS community from the student perspective. We encourage all MHS students (with staff support) to participate in the making of the Bear News through all forms of media content including but not limited to written articles, polls, videos, podcasts, art, and more.



Podcast Episodes

An Interview with the Directors of Nutrition Services

by Isabel Perez-Zoghbi

Listen in as senior reporter and Journalism Club President Isabel Perez-Zoghbi hosts Erin Tassey and Robert Benoy, Director and Assistant Director of Nutrition Services for the Merced Union High School District. In their conversation, they unpack the numbers and expand upon the requirements that lead to thousands of prepared meals that serve not just Merced High students, but all students district-wide on a weekly basis. This is the second installment in a series focusing on school lunch. Happy listening!

Listen on Spotify to Episode 1

Behind School Lunch: Part 1

by Isabel Perez-Zoghbi

Join senior reporter and Journalism Club President Isabel Perez-Zoghbi as she takes you behind the scenes in the MHS cafeteria to see how and what the process of preparing over 1,000 meals a day looks like. This is the first installment in a series that will feature more segments on school lunch. Enjoy this first episode!

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Jacob Meneley


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