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Merced High School Profile

Merced High School Profile

Welcome to Merced High School. Our Merced High BEAR Country has enjoyed tremendous success for over 100 years and has established many incredible traditions and legacies throughout the years. We believe our students' years at BEAR Country will be their opportunity to be 'Scholars and Champions' in whatever endeavors they undertake and, ultimately, be able to succeed in the increasingly complex world in which they will live and work.

We offer the following Advanced Placement Courses at Merced High:

American Government & Politics U.S. History Statistics
Calculus AB Biology Chemistry
Spanish Language Art Studio Physics
English Literature English Language & Comprehension

We offer the following Honors Courses at Merced High:

Economics H Marine Biology H Spanish 3H
Pre-Calculus H Interdisciplinary Studies (Academic Decathlon)

Grading System Grade Values in Regular Classes Grade Values in Honors/AP Classes
A=90-100% A=4 A=5
B=80-89% B=3 B=4
C=70-79% C=2 C=3
D=60-69% D=1 (Only A, B or C grades are weighted)
F=Below 60% F=0

Grade Point Average (GPA)
Student GPA is weighted and computed using final fall and spring semester grades for all courses. All coursework taken during grades nine through twelve applies toward a student's GPA. Grades from honors and AP courses are given an extra grade point when and A, B or C is earned.

Class Rank
Class rank is based on the weighted GPA.