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Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

Students and parents should make a special effort to carefully select a program of classes so that a minimum number of schedule changes will be required following their initial selection. Program changes may be initiated by school personnel based upon students' academic and/or behavioral need.

Requests for program changes to switch teachers WILL NOT be routinely honored.

Students may only request schedule changes during the first two weeks of school and only under the following circumstances:

Changes resulting from improper placement and program errors will be corrected within the first three weeks of the semester.

  • Students presenting a valid need to change their program by dropping one course and adding another will be allowed to do so on a space available basis. A "Request for Change of Program" will not be honored unless an unresolvable conflict or personal issue persists after efforts at resolution have failed.
  • Students who withdraw or are dropped from classes after the 30th school day will not be allowed to enroll in another class for credit.
  • Second semester course changes are granted on a space available basis. Requests for change of program for the second semester should be completed and turned in to the Counseling Office during the last three weeks of the first semester.