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Principal's Welcome

Principal's Welcome

Bear Family,

At MHS, our goal is to positively impact the community of Merced by producing students that live the qualities of being STRONG Scholars and Champions.  

What does it mean to be successful, trustworthy, respectful, optimistic, goal-oriented, and have a never-give-up attitude?  How does that translate to life as a member of the Bear family and the larger local and global community?

The first thing to remember is that Bears stand together;  we are much stronger and more capable when we act as a community. Bears support one another and lead from where we are, respecting each other's diversity and acting from a place of integrity and trustworthiness.  Standing together is the foundation of everything we do and who we are as a family.

Also, when faced with adversity, Bears always rise to meet challenges.  Some of those challenges are of our own making, but many are not.  Regardless of the circumstances, we strive to stand tall in the face of them with an optimistic and never-give-up attitude, knowing that our fellow Bears have our backs.    

Lastly, Bears set and achieve goals.  We reflect on our goals and connect them to the commitment and the work to achieve them. We consider how our goals impact the larger community at school and abroad.  We answer the question: Have the goals we set and the work we have done reflect a STRONG mindset?  Continuous reflections, adjustments, and attacking goals lead Bears to success!

I am excited about your future with MHS, and I look forward to working with all of you to advance the rich tradition and history of Merced High School as we go about building the next generation of STRONG Scholars and Champions.


Marcus A. Knott, 

Principal MHS


Marcus Knott


Phone: 209-325-1002