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Counseling Department Philosophy

The team concept in counseling means that counselors, counseling staff and administrators work together to meet the needs of the students. The goal of the counseling team is to help students develop and work toward their educational, personal and career goals.

Students are assigned to counselors based on their grade level. Assignments and contact information are listed on the Counseling Staff page below each counselor's name.

Counseling Staff

Staff Title Phone Number
Kurt Smoot Counselor, A-Da, Department Chair 209-325-1029
Regina Cherf Counselor, De-He 209-325-1026
Christina Benson Counselor, Hi-Moo 209-325-1037
Susan Odishoo Counselor, Mor-Sal 209-325-1028
Joel Dickson Counselor, San-Z 209-325-1027
Support Staff    
Staff Title Phone Number
Joel Sebastian Associate Principal, Guidance 209-325-1005
Elisa Renteria-Saldana Student Support Manager II 209-325-1032
April De La Cruz Psychologist 209-325-1083
Brandee Ruiz Scholarship Counselor 209-325-1060
Bernadine Diele Scholarship Technician 209-325-1060
Denise Bailey Career & Guidance Technician 209-325-1024
Carol Tippett Career & Guidance Technician 209-325-1025
Noemi Camarena Data Entry/Computer Operator 209-325-1040
Stacey Hughes Registrar 209-325-1041