California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

About CSF

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a highly prestigious and widely recognized honor society for California scholars. When students list their membership on college and scholarship applications it indicates that they are serious students and are dedicated to achievement. Getting into college is so competitive these days that everything students can do to make themselves stand out is valuable. Eligibility is determined at the end of each semester of high school.
If students earn membership for at least four of their last six semesters (one semester must be in their senior year), they are considered "Life Members" and they have the honor of wearing a white cap and gown at graduation. If students earn CSF membership for all eight semesters of high school, they will have the honor of wearing a special gold stole with their white cap and gown at graduation. These designations will also be listed in the program handed out at graduation, on their transcripts, and on their diplomas.
To be a member of CSF, students not only need to qualify, but they also need to join CSF by completing an application form and contributing each semester that they qualify. The contributions are $10.00 per semester and are collected in September and January for the prior semester. In January we collect for the fall semester and in September we collect for the spring semester. Summer school grades and grades earned in the 8th grade are not included. The contributions collected are used to pay for the chapter dues to the CSF organization, to fund a dinner for the seniors who have earned "100%" and "Life" status, and for scholarships that are given exclusively to selected seniors who are CSF members.

For more information, contact CSF adviser, Mrs. Pedrozo.

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