Advanced Placement Courses


Advanced Placement (AP) classes provide the most rigorous level of coursework offered at Merced High School. According to data collected by the College Board, a high school curriculum of high intensity and quality, such as that found in AP courses, has the strongest correlation to bachelor's degree completion. Studies found that 85% of those who took AP courses continued their education after high school. Additionally, research has shown that students who participate in AP classes in high school receive average grades better than 3.0 in college. AP classes require some special attributes if students are to succeed.

You may be a good candidate for AP courses if:

  • You received A's or B's in advanced, honors and pre-AP classes.
  • You have excellent study skills and excellent study habits.
  • You willing and able to give the extra time required for AP classes in terms of homework.
  • You genuinely interested in knowledge and the learning process.
  • You responsible for your own learning.
  • You looking forward to a rewarding and intellectually stimulating class where learning will only be limited by your own actions and enthusiasm.
  • You ready to challenge yourself.
  • You realize that an AP class may be incompatible with employment or if you are involved in numerous outside commitments.

AP classes are more like college classes because of the rigor of the material and because of the independence and responsibility required of students. Students with frequent absences are discouraged from taking AP classes.


A contract will be required for any student who plans to enroll in an AP course. Please read the contract carefully before signing.

AP Exams

  • Students have the option of taking AP course exams in May
  • Exams are 2-3 hours in length
  • Exams are multiple-choice and essay questions
  • Exams are graded on a scale of 1-5; a score of 3 or higher qualifies for college course credit
  • Exam fee is ~ $85
  • Notify the counseling staff to obtain a fee waiver based on financial need

AP Courses Offered at Merced High School