The Merced County Regional Occupational Program is a workplace learning program that has been in continuous operation since 1973. ROP students at MHS learn to work through practical experience. After basic classroom instruction, many students are placed at work sites throughout the community and are taught occupational skills by professionals in the field.


Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Art and History of Floral Design I/II
  • Internships in Agriculture I/II
  • Veterinary Science
Arts, Media and Entertainment
  • Graphic Arts Occupations I/II
Building Trades and Construction
  • Internships in Trades I/II
  • Construction Technology I/II
Education, Child Development and Family Services
  • Careers in Education I/II
  • Careers with Infants and Toddlers I/II
Fashion and Interior Design
  • Creative Design and Merchandising
Finance and Business
  • Business Occupations and Technology I/II
Health Science and Medical Technology
  • Medical Occupations I/II
Marketing Sales and Service
  • Marketing Occupations I/II
  • Automotive Services I/II

For more information, visit the Merced County Office of Education ROP website.